[pdf] RTI Act_Edu Dept-Designations of Officers_Revised Orders Vide GO.399 Dt.30-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Compulsory Physical Education in the Schools Vide GO.63 Dt.26-7-12.pdf
[pdf] CPS-Instructions to Upload Contributions of Subscriber & Govt Matching Grant GO.196 Dt.24-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Permission Orders for Revisoin Of Text Books 2012-13 GO.62 Dt.24-7-12.PDF
[pdf] NPEGEL Programme Guidelines 2012-13 RC.443 Dt.23-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Muslim Emps can leave Office 1hour early during Ramzan Memo.947 Dt.17-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Procurement of Sports Material to UPSchools-Revised Instructions RC.365 Dt.17-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Instructions on Edu Activities at Different Levels RC.463 Dt.12-7-12.pdf
[pdf] Guidelines for Utilization of various Grants of RVM 2012-13.pdf
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[pdf] RC.201 dt 09.07.2012 Urdu Medium Schools Timings during RAMZAN Period.pdf
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[pdf] MRPs on Outsourcing Reference Old GOs.pdf
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[pdf] RC.170 dt 10.07.2012 Inclusion of 8th Class in Upper Primary Schools.pdf
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[pdf] RC.390 dt 06.07.2012 School helath day on 13thJuly.pdf
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[pdf] RC.265 Dt.4-7-2012 INSPIRE Awards Scheme_2012-13 Submission Proposals.pdf
[pdf] DTA Communicated Govt Memo to Sanction Two Notionals to DSC 2008 Teachers.pdf
[pdf] RC.3137 Dt.5-6-2012 C&DSE Instructions to DEOs on Court cases of Transfers.pdf
[pdf] GO.56 Dt.6-7-2012 All the Vacancies of SGTs shall be notified without Blocking.pdf
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[pdf] GO.330 Dt.28-6-12- 46UP Schools Upgradation as HighSchools.pdf
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[pdf] Special Education Fortnight Revised Schedule(9th to 21st July, 2012).pdf
[pdf] MEOs transefer guidlines_ Modifications_ 27.06.2012.pdf
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[pdf] Academic Calender 2012-13 for Primary &UP Schools.pdf
[pdf] Transfers Model Application Form.pdf
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[pdf] GO.Ms.38 Dt.16-6-2012 Teachers Transfers Guidelines.pdf
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[pdf] Uniforms_Measurerments( I to VIII class).pdf
[pdf] Rc.No.3337 dt 20.06.2012 Socaial Welfare Employees EL Preservation.pdf
[pdf] APRJC Counselling Remuneration Details 2012.pdf
[pdf] New Admission Form from SSA.pdf
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[pdf] APPSC Dept Test Results of GOT (88, 97) held in May 2012.pdf
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[pdf] GO.152,dt.12-6-2012 Economy in Expenditure for the Financial Year 2012-13- 16 Instructions to promote Fiscal Discipline.pdf